Youth Career Exploratory Programs

Each summer, innovative students throughout the five state area have the opportunity to explore a creative career for 2-days, or up to a week or two. They attend a weeklong Project: Design Boot Camp and explore design careers and all that they entitle. They complete design challenges and have the opportunity to meet others that share their interests. Students are able to see their ideas transform from concepts that start on paper into the completed product. Design professionals and mentors reinforce the students to think creatively outside the box.

Program Details

Summer design exploratory camps are offered to students ages 9 to 17. The program fee is inclusive of facilities, equipment, supplies, materials, possible field trips, and snacks/daily lunch. A team of design professionals act as mentors and assist every student in each design challenge. Each project encourages personal expression.

Classes Offered

Fashion Illustration (2-days)

Graphic Design (2-days)

Couture Sewing (2-days)

*Students who wish to take a Fashion Design, Sustainable Fashion, or Accessory Design Boot Camp must take a prerequisite of both Fashion Illustration and Couture Sewing. Those wishing to take any of the Interior Design Boot Camps may substitute Graphic Design for Fashion Illustration. The 2-day design sessions are basic foundation skills needed to successfully complete the prerequisites need for the 5-days sessions. (IDTSD does not allow other sewing or drawing classes to take the place of these pre-requisites)

Fashion Design Boot Camp* (5-days)

Students go through an entire fashion design process. They create personal inspiration boards and see their ideas turn into completed projects. It is a fast-paced week with fun challenges. The week is imaginative and informative on various fashion related design careers. Students are encouraged to come back year after year for a whole new set of challenges.

Interior Décor Boot Camp* (5-days)

During this week students are introduced to various aspects of the interior design career profession and will get a decorate a room of their choice. They learn basics of color schemes, awareness ot furniture periods/styles, to room layouts. It is a fast paced and condensed week, new design terms, trends and creativity to explore. The will have hands-on experiences in floral arranging and creating accessories to bring home. Students are introduced to various career opportunities in this specialized field.

Advanced 4-day Sessions: Fashion Design ll, Interior Design ll/Elevations, Fashion Pattern Drafting, and Sustainable Fashion/Accessory Design Boot Camp**

Our most advanced sessions for students ready for more challenge in their design exploration. It is essential that they will need to be self-starting and mature enough to work independently. More time will be spent on attention to details with precision drafting and math for exploring and development of skills needed in the fields of fashion design, pattern drafting, interior design/elevations, industrial design and model making.
Students with interests in sustainability will be inspired with various green practices in everyday life as well as applying them to a creative career. **(Any participant interested in any of the advanced sessions must be approved by Creative Director)

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