"Advancing Educational Possibilities through Design Exploration & Creative Entrepreneurship"

Concept: Alternative study options with hands-on mentoring in the specialized fields of Fashion Design and Interior Decor. With current economic challenges and demand to maintain a full or part time job, this is an alternative to a four year university setting. Specialized design schools in this field in larger markets are not only costly, they pose a geographical challenge. Students participate in the process of design and production through our 10-month certification programs. They research, develop and creatively market their concepts and manufacture a "South Dakota Made" product. They learn by doing, witness the challenges of design mentors and apply real-life educational theories. They experience team building in all of the various aspects of their creative career choice. It is an aggressive fast-paced learning process as students are challenged by a complete entrepreneurial design experience.

We believe our future entrepreneurs are not cultivated in MBA programs, but much earlier in the vocational studios or creative classrooms where there are no boundaries to the imagination.

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Advancing Education Possibilities through Design Exploration & Creative Entrepreneurship