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Exciting Design Career Programs

Interior Decor

Find out why IDTSD has one of the most successful design programs in preparation for workforce development with their "career ready" programs for those in the eastern South Dakota, NW Iowa and SE Minnesota. Our students have the option to study Interior Decor in a close to home setting and affordable environment an intensive and fast paced certificate program, while gaining hands-on training in a specialized interior field. Our Interior design professionals mentor students to develop the well-rounded design skills to work within many disciplines while gaining valuable experience with real life projects and situations to work with contractors, craftsmen, decorative arts, furniture, textiles and lighting suppliers. Students are taught the basic foundations of Interior Decor while they gain valuable experience with real life projects and situations needed for success in development of interior presentation methods for business and home owners. Even our non-traditional students are able to maintain a full time while attending classes. For more information contact IDTSD Admissions Office at 605-275-9728.

Fashion Design

If you have a passion for fashion, this is an opportunity to further your dreams of a fashion career with emphasis on hands-on technical design, as IDTSD's Fashion Design program provides students with fundamental knowledge of the design process and a full range of garment construction skills to create a fashion collection. Students must have knowledge of sewing techniques, dedication to develop the technical skills needed in learning to draft, drape a pattern to create the final garment. Ultimately develop market/branding for a professional portfolio. Classes are held in a working studio as students are taught the entire process from idea and concept through construction as they are mentored from instructors with real world experience. The program culminates with an opportunity to showcase the students' creations at their annual show plus opportunity to show at larger fashion week markets. For more information contact IDTSD Admissions Office at 605-275-9728.

Successful Project: Design Boot Camp Sessions

Summer Project: Design Boot Camp at IDTSD is an exploratory program for creative and enthusiastic students ages 9 -17. Classes begin in early June through mid-August. Students explore creative design careers and gain real life experience. Classes fill quickly, so be sure to visit our blog at for availability and to view the schedule.

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