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Exciting Design Career Programs

Interior Decor

Students now have the option to study Interior Decor locally in a creative and affordable environment. Live in the Midwest and further their personal and educational goals while gaining hands-on training in the specialized field. Non-traditional students are able to maintain a full time while attending classes with independent study. Students are taught the basic foundations of Interior Decor while they gain valuable experience with real life projects and situations. Curriculum ranges from color schemes to the development of presentation methods. For more information contact IDTSD Admissions Office at 605-275-9728.

Fashion Design

If you have a passion for fashion, there is an opportunity for you to further your dreams of a fashion career with IDTSD's Design program. Students can receive training from instructors with real world experience. Classes are held in a working studio as students are taught the entire process from idea and concept through construction of the final product. Students learn to draft, drape a pattern and market the final garment. Students will also complete a collection to show. For more information contact IDTSD Admissions Office at 605-275-9728.

Successful Project: Design Boot Camp Sessions

Summer Project: Design Boot Camp at IDTSD has more than tripled in size since it began. Creative and enthusiastic students attend classes from the beginning of June through mid-August. Students explore creative design careers and gain real life experience. Classes fill quickly, so be sure to visit our blog at for availability and to view the schedule.

Visit our blog: Visit us on Facebook!
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