IDTSD offers 10-month mentorship education for traditional and non-traditional students in Fashion Design and Interior Decor. These are personalized programs that work for you and your schedule. This is an opportunity for hands-on training in these design careers. Students are equipped with job ready skills and build an impressive portfolio to launch further professional or educational goals. IDTSD is not just book learning and building a portfolio, but an entire experience. Studying at IDTSD is a mentor based education that opens doors to a creative design career.


Interior Decor

Interior Decor students are introduced to the basic principles and elements of a harmonious space and taught how to achieve this look. They explore the various interior options from building plans. Students are able to depict decor styles, coordinate materials, understand the theory behind color schemes, plan space efficiently, develop foundations of creative thought process with sketching techniques, and developing business and marketing materials. Small class sizes encourage a personal learning environment for students of all ages, and allow for hands-on training. In the spring, students have the option to participate in a study tour to a major design market to find interior design resources and materials for the final graduation show.

Courses include:
  • Furniture Styles & Periods
  • Color Theory/Illustrating
  • Floors/Walls/Textiles
  • Staging & Merchandising
  • Kitchen & Bath Planning
  • Principles & Elements of Decor
  • Plan Creative Room Layouts
  • Product Sourcing Contracts
  • Selling/Business Start-up
  • and much more
Career Opportunities with Interior Decor
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Fashion Design Technology

Our Fashion Design program explores & develops an entrepreneurial view of the fashion business as students discover the production and manufacturing more extensively. They experience everything from research & concept to manufacturing the design. Small class sizes promote one-on-one learning in a creative environment. Design professionals and mentors provide students with a unique real world educational experience. In the spring, students have the option to travel to the New York apparel market to procure materials for the final graduation show, as well as the unique experience the fashion district.

Courses include:
  • History of Fashion
  • Illustration/Rendering
  • Fashion Accessory Design
  • Production/Tailoring Techniques
  • Marketing/Entrepreneurship
  • Drafting/Draping/Pattern Making
  • Cost/Planning of Production
  • Developing a Collection
Career Opportunities with Fashion Design Technology
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