Beyond the Classroom at IDTSD

Fashion Week Events
Visit Market Resources
Travel to Major Markets
New Places & Experiences
Attend Regional Markets

Special Topic Lectures

Local design professionals come into the classroom to speak about their career and related topics to the current class discussions. They will share their experiences.


Field Trips

Students visit destinations such as design studios, career related retail and wholesale environments, creative work places and explore various local resources. Students take time to observe, sketch, and ask questions depending on the trip.


Community Involvement

Students experience trips to historic sites and exhibits, participate in local events, and donate time, services, and products to our community by sharing their creativity in real life situations.


Study Tour to Major Market

Third quarter, students in good standing will be accompanied to a design market directly related to their field of study. They will procure materials for their final graduation show, as well as discover additional experiences.


Iconic Design Mentors
NYC Textile Resources
International Market
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