Students have many options to continue their education after high school. Some may choose to attend vocational schools or 4-year universities, and others jump directly into the workforce.

The full-time programs at IDTSD provide students with vocational training in a specialized design career. These careers are in high demand but the cost for educational training is very expensive. The team of IDTSD design Professionals ensure that all students strive for academic excellence in their chosen field of study. They are fully equipped with job ready skills and hands-on training to enter the workforce PrePared.

During the summer, our Creative Director and other design professionals conduct Project: Design Boot Camp. It is available to students in grades 5-11. It is used as a career exploratory camp as well as a pre-college program. Project: Design Boot Camp is patterned after a program our Creative Director was fortunate to experience at Parson's School of Design in New York City while she studied fashion there. These types of summer career exploratory programs are incredible experiences. Students are introduced to possible futures as creative leaders and entreprenuers.

Several years ago a benefactor started the "Creative Youth Learning Experience Fund" at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. Among other goals, this fund will assist with program costs.

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